Enhances Ability to Precisely Style Hair Building Fibers and Hairline Coverage

Maximize your results with professional hairstyling tools from our KeratinMD Hair Building Accessory Kit. Each product is specifically designed to provide even longer-lasting style and a more natural, fuller look!

KeratinMD’s Puffer Applicator gives you the ability to target exact sections of your scalp needing more attention than others. The thin applicator spray tip allows you to precisely distribute our Hair Building Fibers and ensure buildable coverage that can be perfected and styled to your liking with your FREE KeratinMD Hair Building Fibers Applicator Comb.

Our applicator’s tip is designed to ensure clean, meticulous application:

  • Easy-to-press puffer top
  • Long applicator tip makes maneuvering around the scalp easier
  • Thin tip prevents over-application of Hair Building Fibers
  • Targets exact sections of the scalp for meticulous application


Our styling comb’s four sides each serve a specific purpose:

  • Rounded edge for precise hairline styling
  • Seven prong for lifting fine hair strands
  • Fine pattern pick for natural hairline styling
  • Shield to prevent falling fibers

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